B2B event exclusively focused on the IoT sector and focusing and generating business in Latin America

IoT Latin America is the most important B2B event on the IoT sector and focused in generating business in Latin America. The trade show is part of the Technology Hub, an event that integrates technologies.

With the aim of expanding their applications, IoT Latin America is a unique platform to truly connect to the marketplace, understand its  challenges, its goals and create lasting business relationships, all in a prosperous, innovative and engaging environment where the main goal is for you to achieve tangible results for your business.

Soluções para diversas verticais de negócios

About Technology Hub

A B2B event that explores, collects, and integrates technology scenarios related to new production and work needs. An opportunity to learn about disruptive technologies, understand the impact on different sectors of decline and build a dynamic view of evolutionary business and the market.

Technology Hub Brasil is innovative, combining technology and creativity in a mix of concrete solutions dedicated to all companies that have decided to innovate and to all those who will be the bearers of today’s and tomorrow’s innovation.


• Electronics
• Big Data & Analytics
• Cybersecurity
• Virtual reality